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Where’s Izzy?

Going through my sister’s drawers!

Izzy loves to borrow other people’s clothes without asking!  Some might call that stealing but Izzy plans to return whatever she takes.. As soon as she can find it.  And right after she gets the ketchup stain out… and the mustard and the chocolate ice cream and the beet juice.

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Tash is freaked out!!

Her room looks like a hurricane just hit… and a tornado and a tsunami and a polar vortex.  Her to do list – if she can find it under all those clothes – is 736 pages long.  She has a soccer game tomorrow and a math quiz and her stomach hurts.  She needs a hug.

She’s going to watch some YouTube to calm down down.

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Sher thinks he can do anything.

Don’t tell him the truth.  It’s good to believe in yourself even if you’re telling yourself nothing but lies.  Sher has a huge heart and a small IQ.  But what a sense of humour.  If you make him laugh he’ll snort like a pig and spin like a dreidl. التحليل الفني خيار ثنائي

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Clem is socially awkward.

She combs her hair over her eyes.  She hopes that if she can’t see you, you won’t notice her.  She’s too shy to talk in class.  She’s also uncoordinated and topples over a lot.  But Clem has a laugh that makes flowers bloom.  She is someone’s best friend waiting to happen.


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Globble and Zoomit

Globble and Zoomit want to kiss.

But they are too shy to talk to each other.  Whenever they see each other, Zoomit looks at the ground and Globble mumbles incoherently.  If Globble would only take the marbles out of his mouth, Zoomit would realize he likes him.*

*Marbles sold separately.


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Cute little Marv looks so sweet.

But looks can be deceiving.  Who put a slice of turkey in your sock?  Who ate all the icing off the last piece of cake?  Who set your alarm clock to ring at 4 a.m.?  Who let the class snake out of its cage?  Cute little Marv did all all those things.

She looks sweet… but she’s not.

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Flobbles are the toy made just for teens.

Why buy just one when you can own all seven?

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